Professional, organized, calm, experienced, and creative.

Josef has been one of the most thoughtful product design leaders I've had the pleasure of working with throughout my career. He consistently demonstrated an outstanding ability to thrive in working through both tough challenges and complicated team dynamics. He consistently provided a welcomed, best-practiced approach to solving some of the trickiest challenges.

His level of professionalism and organization within the craft of product design was incredibly impressive. He consistently demonstrated the value of doing things "the right way" in order to sustain and scale design solutions.

Josef was constantly looking for areas of improvement to the product itself, the team process and the team dynamics. He would reference industry-wide best practice material or new ideas and look for opportunities to educate the team on innovation.

An aspect that I was particularly impressed with, Josef embodies the "strong opinions, loosely held" mindset that I value in a senior-level designer. He would spend the appropriate time on research and collaboration and then not only execute thoughtful solutions, but passionately defend them. But many times, when faced with new information or conflicting evidence, he was willing to re-work through problems and discover new solutions. Any product team would be fortunate to work with Josef and have his approach represented within their environment.

He consistently exhibited an unrelenting attention to detail, and the sheer quality of his design work (in both aesthetic and usability) was top notch. He had an incredible lasting impact on both our team and our products.

Joshua Bryant

Director of UX & Product Design


It’s rare that you come across exceptional talent like Josef. I had the pleasure of working with Josef for two years on a mobile app relaunch where he showed outstanding product design skills and a deep understanding of product strategy.

I was particularly impressed by Josef’s ability to remove nonessential complexity from the product, which not only made a huge difference in the productivity of our team, but also led to extraordinary results in user testing.

His strong charisma and leadership helped to rally the entire team on delivering an outstanding mobile experience. And his unique sense of humor kept everyone in a good mood while on it.
As a team member or a leader, Josef would be an asset to any product team.

Timon Reinhard

Lead Product Owner – Magenta Smart Home

T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom

Josef is a thoughtful, skilful design lead who combines mastery of his craft with perceptive analysis, a focus on users, and excellent communication. He is able to work across time zones seamlessly. Working with Josef was an entirely positive experience and I would be pleased to have the opportunity to do so again.

Andrew Purcell

Vice President, UX


Josef is a bright holistic design thinker. He is able to break down the brief or problem into smaller clear parts, and provides clear paths to take. His ability to work with a team remotely is impressive; always sending inspirational resources and bringing out the best in his collaborators. I recommend working with him!

Sina Mossayeb

Chief Design Officer


Josef is a versatile designer and strategist. In the 9 months we partnered on work together he independently drove strategic internal research, spearheaded our customer support digital experience redesign, and was a valuable sounding board on building culture and organizational execution. His many years of experience and ability to get deep into the technical aspects of work was an immense asset to our work at Medable! I hope to partner with him again soon!

Chris Meierling

Director of Service Design


Incredible thought partner, Josef brought an abundance of fresh creative perspective and expert design execution balancing complex regulatory constraints with user needs to create the best UX possible on a large project deployable on multiple platforms. Josef was also instrumental as he utilized his coding skills to quickly bring advanced prototypes to life on iOS, Android, and HTML when Figma fell short of our needs.

Rey Quwatli

Senior Designer


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Josef Richter 2023