Mobile Apps

I always loved designing mobile apps

For me, they were always the most challenging area of UX/UI design. There's limited space, patterns to observe, technical restrictions, back then it was a completely novel way of interacting with a pocket computer. And it is still evolving. You really need to work both on UX and UI at the same time to get the best result. This is what fascinates me.

Medable Clinical Trials

Medable conducts Decentralised Clinical Trials. In a clinical trial, a new drug has to be tested on large number of participants all around the world. Typically a participant would visit their physician, and they would report using standardised paper forms.

Medable provides digital products to perform the trials more efficiently. I was responsible for redesigning the participant app, that is being used by people of all walks of life globally (app translated to 110 languages).

My personal focus was on a crucial component of the app that is used by participants to self-report on the progress of the trial without needing to visit their physician. This was extremely due to brutal constraints: the reporting forms in their original paper form have been around often for 20-30 years and have been used to collect huge body of data over the years.

Therefore the starting point is "you cannot change anything", because every single change, no matter how tiny, may affect and bias the data collected. And biased data means failed trial, which ultimately means lives lost. Let alone the billions of dollars lost (average cost of a clinical trial is $2.6B and average duration is 12 years). The problem is you cannot just show a full paper form on a phone display, because that would be illegible and unusable. So by default, this is almost mission impossible. It might as well be the most sensitive and serious app design work in the world.

We spent a lot of time understanding every single piece of requirements on a scientific level. We regularly worked with science experts to assess various options what can be changed and how much, what would make most sense from user perspective and where is the middle ground between user requirements and science requirements. This is a diligent, sensitive and complex work and I could spend hours explaining the complexities of it.

Soul Mate
Soul Mate is a dating app revolving around the Tinder's concept of date ideas. Rather than just choosing a partner based on photos, you first choose an activity you enjoy and then seek someone to enjoy it with you.
T-Mobile Smart Home
I was designing a new smart home product for Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile. This was a large, long term project. It started by introducing a design system at first. Based on new design system we ultimately redesigned the whole product from scratch.

The new product revolved around a concept of "stories" – these were everyday situations, like "turn on lights when I come home", that were supposed to work out of the box with almost zero setup. This was quite a radical departure from existing smart home products in the market, that let you configure all kinds of automations, but usually don't come preconfigured with meaningful use cases.

Josef Richter 2023