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So cool, but UX is stone age!

I see amazing opportunities in crypto, but also see there's so much UX work to be done! Current day crypto is too complex, too dangerous and too cryptic (duh) for mere mortals.

Normies won't spend weeks studying different chains, gas price bidding, whitepapers, hardware wallets, etc. only to get rugged the first day anyway. We need to build whole layers of abstractions to accommodate mass market users and their use cases.

Please note this page is work in progress, just like most of the projects mentioned here.

Ricochet is a real-time Dollar Cost Averaging platform. It lets you buy for example ETH for USDC every single block/second, rather than once a day/week/month. It's one of the things that weren't even possible before crypto. Redesign under way.
Pixy is a crowdfunding platform for art projects. Thanks to crypto, you don't directly contribute to the project – you just stake your coins and the yield is redirected to the project. At the end of funding period you can just pick up the very same amount you staked initially.

Josef Richter 2023